The Phoenix of Llael

A Job Well Done

A band of mercenaries get their first job, and set out to earn their first paycheck. A noble in Rynyr has lost his daughter, and he needs all the help he can get.

The band made their way to Rynyr, after a diversion in a mountain pass where each member got to flex their muscles a bit. In town, they met Baron Dexer Bray, whose daughter Kelsey had disappeared a week earlier. He thought she’d been taken by Khador, but truthfully she had run away to stop a Khadoran plot.

The group traced her path to the Glowing Tinder Tavern, but the wily barkeep laid a trap for them. The team struggled to get free, and were able to convince their captors that they were allies. Kelsey appeared and told them of a strange mining operation that was taking place north of town. The heroes debated over the course of action, but agreed to help Kelsey in exchange for her peaceful return to her home.

However, Khador had heard of the adventurers and was preparing a trap of their own. Somehow, the group was able to convince the guards that the situation was under control, and there were higher orders involved here than simply killing the team. The guards marched away and the team escaped with Kelsey to the mines.

There was a great battle at the Oak Hill Mine, and though they took their fair share of beatings, in the end the mercenaries prevailed without any casualties. Inside the mine, they found a strange blue ore that flaked into a strange powder. The powder burned smokeless and hot, much like gunpowder but much stronger. The group took a sample with them, and returned Kelsey to her home, where they received both their pay but also two rare weapons as thanks for their help.

They returned safely to Rhydden and reported back to Commander Torys, who was surprised by their news, and also impressed with their work. He mentioned he may have a job for them coming up soon…



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