Baron Dexer Bray

Former noble of Llael


Aristocrat career, Hero level


Dexer Bray is a short, unimposing man, even for a Ryn. Without even the ever-pervasive full round body of a typical noble, it would be easy to mistake him for a common miner were it not for his elegant and often extravagant clothing.

Bray was not well-respected even before the war, and achieved his rank more through political subterfuge than military or economic conquest. While most nobles fled when Khador invaded his hometown of Rynyr, Cray stayed behind and barricaded himself in his mansion, along with a handful of personal bodyguards. Rumors coming out of Rynyr said that he still lived comfortably on his estate, though his mines have all been claimed by Khador.

Bray has been very quiet since the fall of Rynyr and has turned away several messengers from the Llaelese Resistance, which made it all the more surprising when a messenger arrived in Rhydden requesting aid.

Baron Dexer Bray

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