Commander Torys (Deceased)

Lieutenant in the Knights of the Black Hills in the Llaelese Resistance


Veteran Knight/Military Officer


Lieutenant Torys is a commander in the Knights of the Black Hills, one of the factions in the Llaelese Resistance Cell. He was once an officer in the Llaelese army, long before the war, though now his age has gotten the better of him. He is still highly respected among the Knights, though, and serves as the primary dispatcher and manager of bounties and requests for the group.

He is very proud, and is not shy about expressing his disappointment in the quality of troops that now serve Llael. He’s seen more than a few new recruits who left on simple missions but never returned, possibly because they abandoned their tasks, but more likely because their corpses weren’t able to make it back.

He does not like you.

Commander Torys (Deceased)

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