Lokeshyre, Master Logician

Foremost mercenary logician of Ios


“You ask, how do I know you are a lying scoundrel? Well, for starters upon introducing yourself you claimed to be a merchant from Ord simply needing assistance in recovering a chest containing treasured keepsakes that were taken from your caravan that was robbed yesterday on the Yandazian pass yet your kerchief is folded in the four in hand ‘star point style’ so common and fashionable in the military orders of Khador. Further had you been robbed along the pass yesterday you would be quite dead right now. The Yandazian hill tribes do not simply let their victims walk away from a raid, but here you stand with not a scratch on you. And finally no man would come so far and risk so much for a chest of keepsakes no matter how treasured. It is therefore quite obivous that you are a scoundrel, for you are clearly a Khadoran commander here to enlist my aid in helping you steal a relic of great power that rightfully belongs in the hands of the people of Ord. Don’t look so shocked, it is all quite elementary.”

Lokeshyre has dedicated his life to pursuing logic and reason above all else. Where emotion is the realm of irrational behavior Lok (pronounced ‘Lock’) has through practiced discipline learned to control emotion and only allow his actions to be driven by the rational mind. He is a master of logic, deduction and most importantly observation. Through exercise, meditation and ancient arts of the Iosan people, Lok can engage far greater mental and sense awareness than most. Details that normally go unnoticed are a 6th sense for Lok who can use those small clues to tell when someone is lying, to deduct events that have transpired, to spot a trap or ambush and to even allow him to know his opponents attacks before he has made them. The sciences were a natural extension of Lok’s training and lead to his study of alchemy providing him with an even deeper understanding of the causal relationships that drive the physical world.

It is known throughout Ios, that if there is a mystery that appears impossible to solve, Lok will take the case. Lok, noted the potential to make a bit of money in this pursuit and started offering his services as a consultant to outsiders to the highest bidder. Most recently he has found himself in the company and employ of the Llaelese resistance.

In combat Lok performs a number of support roles. As an Intellectual archetype, his foremost role is one of a leader/commander. He provides nearby allies with a +1 to atk and damage. Ideally he is situated close to the front lines buffing the party tanks and melee strikers. Ranged strikers position themselves slightly behind him to rain down a hail of fire on more distant enemies, while still benefiting from the combat buff. Because of his high auto boosted detection skill with rerolls, the party should rarely fall victim to ambushes or surprise attacks and normally he should be activating early in the initiative sequence. His autoboosted medicine skill allows him to act in the healer role and stabilize grievous injuries his allies suffer during combat. Lok also has a number of crowd control and support abilities from his use of alchemical agents. He can create cloud effects to create cover for allies on their advance, deal with multiple weak enemies through AOE attacks and help lower defenses of tough opponents with his access to various grenades and alchemical effects. Lastly, Lok is not completely helpless in direct combat either. His relatively high defense means that many enemies would rather target his easier to hit but tougher allies than waste attacks on him. His study of medicine grants him anatomical precision which means even the toughest living enemies will suffer D3 damage from him regardless of their ARM value. That coupled with his knuckledusters means that many opponents will be facing a few points of damage as well as a potential knockout (50% for a WP 6 opponent, sliding scale from there). For enemies immune to KO effects and anatomical precision he can always fall back to his trusty sword cane rapier. Because his intellectual archetype benefit also applies to himself, he normally will hit at MAT 6, PS 7 with boosted atk and damage rolls should he spend a feat point on the attack.

Lokeshyre, Master Logician

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