Pascal Bateu

Human (Khard) Pirate/Duelist


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Dmitri Starov was once a seargeant in the Khadoran navy, patrolling the dangerous Sea of a Thousand Souls aboard the battleship Ironblade of the Third Fleet. Most of his life had been spent with a sword in one hand and a pistol in the other, and he wanted nothing more than to one day stand on the deck of his own ship and be carried by the wind.

During one terrible storm that threatened to capsize the Ironblade, and the crew was struggling to keep the ship afloat, Dmitri grabbed the helm and led the ship out of danger, only to find themselves pinned by a Cygnarian fleet that was patrolling nearby. Dmitri ran to get the signal flares to rally the rest of the Khadoran ships, but the captain stopped him; their fate was already sealed. The Ironblade was an old ship, and the other captains had orders to not risk the capture of their own ships to save the vessel. It was now the crew’s duty to take out as many Cygnarians as they could before their own deaths.

Dmitri was furious at the captain’s resignation. He pushed past him to the belowdecks and grabbed the flares. When he returned, he met the captain and his mates standing above him, swords drawn. Dmitri drew his pistol and cutlass and managed to fell three of his former crewmembers before the captain landed a solid blow on his leg. Unwilling to lose, Dmitri grabbed a barrel and threw it overboard before diving after it himself. As he fell, he heard the sound of a Cygnarian cannon firing. He entered the cold water, and when he rose, he heard wood shattering above his head. As the ships began their battle, Dmitri swam as quickly as he could, clinging to the barrel and kicking with his good leg.

Weak with fatigue after hours of kicking, he was unable to resist the passing ship that dragged him aboard, only to steal what remained of his armor. They did possess the decency to dump him on dry land in Ord, though. Dmitri started to patch his life back together, and began to harbor an intense rage against the country that demanded he sacrifice his own life for some ship. He took a new, Ordian name, Pascal Bateu, and began to take mercenary work, keeping his dream of one day owning a ship of his own.

When work in Ord dried up, Pascal decided to make his way to Llael, where they didn’t ask questions as long as you could do the work. The opportunity to fight against the nation that had betrayed him only made the offer sweeter.

Pascal Bateu

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