Quartermaster Elyse

Quartermaster of the Knights of the Black Hills


Quartermaster Kyle Elyse is a young but promising Knight in the Llaelese Resistance. He joined the Llaelese Army as a volunteer shortly after Khador’s invasion, and gained great fame and glory on the battlefield. After Merywyn fell, Elyse led his unit to Rhydden, where they joined what was left of the army and became part of the Llaelese Resistance.

Elyse is a powerful soldier, but his manners are much better than Lieutenant Torys’. He welcomes any able body that wishes to restore Llael to its former glory, even if it’s just for a bag of crowns. He takes his job as quartermaster very seriously, and it is difficult for even the best soldiers to get more than their fair share from his store.

Quartermaster Elyse

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