Sebastian “Bodger” Castellio

Gobber Pistoleer/ Field Mechanik



“Greetings all, my name is Sebastian Castellio, my friends call me Bodger. Say hello to my little friend, Pepe.”

Sebastian “Bodger” Castellio

Sebastian was born a poor gobber with lofty dreams. His parents named him in a remarkably un-gobber fashion in hopes that he would rise above their status. Raised in a lowly gobber family who scrapped together a living in Merwyn (the capital of Llael), Sebastian grew up scrounging the streets and bodging together various contraptions from junk he would find. As the other gobbers thought his name very un-gobber like they dubbed him Bodger. One of the mechanik guilds noticed Bodgers ability to make mechanical things work and gave him a job doing minor repairs in the shop and other odd jobs around the “garage”.

At a young age he saw a gun man take down 4 thugs and thought it was one of the most amazing things he had ever seen. The gun man was fast and deadly. That day he bodged together a pair of “guns” (they weren’t real) and wore them everywhere. He would practice drawing them and doing other tricks. On one of his scrounging forays he found a pair of old discarded pistols and worked to repair them so he would have a set of real guns.

The head mechanik received a broken down labor jack as payment for job. It was no good to him so the chief mechanik told Bodger if he could repair it, in the off hours, and make it run it would be his. The chief mechanik thought the cortex was burned out and figured it was worthless. Bodger set to work and over time repaired it to working order and discovered that the cortex had just been blackend by soot and ash from a fire the jack was in. After cleaning it and learning the passcodes for it he was able to make it work. He did some trades and had the cortex wiped and rewritten to only accept gobber commands and named the jack Pepe. The chief mechanic was very surprised at Bodger’s work and true to his word let him keep the jack.

When Khador attacked and took over the city they killed Sebastian’s parents. They also took over the shop he worked in and killed the chief mechanik when he refused to repair the khadoran jacks. Bodger and Pepe fled and found the resistance and started to help them as needed. In his scavenging of battle fields Bodger found a spear for Pepe to use. Bodger is often seen riding Pepe as he pulls a large cart full of bits and pieces Bodger uses to fix the resistances jacks and other mechanika.

Sebastian “Bodger” Castellio

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