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The Saga of Thrash Bloodstone

The history of the trolls is one of devastation, isolation, and vindication. Thrash has seen all three in his lifetime and it has made him the Trollkin he is today.


As with most trollkin kith, Thrash’s was strongly bonded and loyal to the kriel from which it originated, Hoarluk Doomshaper. Of all the mightest warcasters, Hoarluk was known for his control of the fearsome dire trolls, the larger cousins of the trollkins. Thrash remembers the very day that Hoarluk came into their kith with his army of maulers, earthborn, and the mightest troll Mulg the Ancient. Hoarluk was looking for new recruits and informed the elders that outside the village a group of young trollkin from other villages had started a new shen. Thrash jumped at the chance to join the group and left his kith.

It was not hard to find this shen, for it was like all shens made up of rowdy and overzealous male trollkins trying to find their way in life. Thrash soon joined in with the shen and was quickly accepted by the others for they sensed a commanding presence in him that none of the other trollkins had in their nature. Soon, this shen was Thrash’s and it was his job to get them into a fighting group to impress the great Hoarluk. Once the group was a strong force, Thrash and his shen set out to join up with the nearest warband at the edge of the Bloodstone Marshes.

As they traveled across the Thornwood toward Ternor Crag, the band would encounter various small Khadorian parties that were trying to push father south to extend Khador’s reach. Most of the time, Thrash lead the shen to victory causing destruction with his mighty hammer whenever in battle, but he also suffered losses along the way. Each battle brought more experience to Thrash helping expand his Soldiering capabilities. On the downside, these victories began to be noticed by the Khadorian commanders and soon the hunt was on for the shen.

However, one decision by Thrash would change his life for good. As they were approaching Corvis, Thrash decided to avoid the battlefield of The Ironfield and head toward the ruins of Fort Rhyker. He believed that by avoiding the battlefield, he could slip by any patrols and reach Corvis with the shen in one piece. Thrash also believed that the ruins would offer treasures for his trollkins to gather and then sell in Corvis so they could buy supplies for their final push to Trenor Crag.

While his shen set to making camp, Thrash began to investigate the ruins and eventually after descending multiple stairs, stumbled upon the lower rooms in the fort that seemed to have been unmolested over the years. He hoped to find an area where weapons might have been stored. As he moved through the room, Thrash detected an irregular pattern in the wall. Pulling his hammer out and smashing through the wall, Thrash saw a room full of weapons and treasures, but in the corner was a box that got his attention. Upon opening the box, Thrash discovered a single pistol and on the barrel he could make out runes that when he held the pistol glowed slightly. There was power in that pistol, but Thrash had no knowledge of what it meant but the pistol felt good in his hand.

Before he could explorer farther, there was an awful sound from above, an explosion, that shook the ground. Thrash hurried to the stairs and began to climb and just has he was reaching the top, an even larger explosion occurred. The wind from the explosion sent Thrash stumbling down the stairs just before they caved in. Thrash’s world went black


When Thrash woke up, he knew that devastation would only be found above. For three days he dug to free himself, relying on his survival skill to keep him alive. On the third night, Thrash broke through to the surface. The land reaked of death of his brothers. Thrash could see before him stones covered in blood, blood of his falling shen, none had survived the attack. As he searched the battlefield in hopes of finding a survivor, despair, revenge and shame filled his moral being. Khador was behind this and they would pay. Thrash knew that he should have been with his shen and because he was off exploring, they were all killed for no one was there to lead them. To forever remember this shame, Thrash added the name Bloodstone and would be called this until his death.

Thrash Bloodstone set off from the ruins that evening and began to wonder through the lands, exploring all that he could and taking any job offer in hopes that he could somehow remove the shame that he felt. He isolated himself from others of his race, removing the idea that someday he would return to his kin for he would never be accepted because of what had happened. He explored for the next seven years and while his reputation as a treasure hunter grew, it did nothing to sooth his soul.

Eventually Thrash Bloodstone ended up in Merywyn, why he went that way he did not know, but soon all would be made clear to him.


The streets where teaming with all walks of life, but the Khador presence were everywhere. This just added to the insult and humiliation that Thrash Bloodstone felt. He knew he had to do something, there had to be a way to strike at the Khadorian army. Then it happened while he sat in a tavern in the slums of Merywyn. A small group of Winter Guard regulars walked in, obviously bored since they were not out on the front lines, decided that they were going to cause trouble for anyone that they did not like the looks of, and that was Thrash Bloodstone. The next thing anyone remembered was the flash of a pistol, the smash of a hammer on bone, and the glint of axe steel cutting through the air. When the dust settled, Thrash Bloodstone stood among the bodies of the Winter Guard. Before he could catch his breath, people were signaling to him to the back and there in the shadows stood a man who asked if he wanted to live and if so, follow him.

Without much choice, Thrash Bloodstone followed the man through the dark alleys until they were on the outskirts of the city. The man introduced himself as a member of a undergroud group in the Black Hills and they could use a fighter like him, especially since the rage was evident against the Khadorians. After being alone for seven years, Thrash felt like he might have a new home and a new member of the Knights of the Black Hills.

Thrash Bloodstone

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