weapon (melee)

Skill: Great Weapon
Attack Modifier: (-2) one-handed, (0) two-handed
POW: 6

Special Rules: A character must have at least STR 5 to use this weapon. This weapon has Reach and is a magical weapon. While carrying a fellblade a character cannot cast spells, cannot be targeted by spells, and never suffers the effects of Terror.

When you touch the sword, it whispers to you, “Ahhh… welcome master. Together we will do great things.” If you answer the sword, you must make a Willpower check vs. 16 to put it down.

Every day you carry the sword, this target number increases by 1.

If someone tries to take the sword from you, you will react violently.

Orgoth Lore Check:
12: This is a Fellblade, the signature arcane weapon of the Orgoth, often found in ruins around the Iron Kingdoms.
14: Fellblades speak to the wielders, and while imbuing them with tireless and terrifying reserves of strength and fortitude, almost all who hold a Fellblade go insane.
16: Fellblades are magical weapons, preventing the wielder from casting spells, but also preventing the wielder from being targeted by spells, and making the immune from terror.

Untrained Lore Check:
12: Evil looking swords found in ruins are often sources of woe in bards’ songs.
14: There are some urban legends about adventurers picking up swords they found in dungeons and then killing all their friends. But maybe they’re just legends.


A long curved great sword, the blade of which is covered in etchings of shrieking and wailing faces. They cry out to you for mercy. The hilt is of polished gold, with a large rounded onyx set in the end.

These fearsome arcane weapons are relics left behind by the Orgoth. Gibbering, whispering, and murderous, fellblades literally speak to their wielders. Virtually all who wield a fellblade go mad but are invested with tireless and terrifying reserves of strength and fortitude. Over time these weapons wear down the sanity of their wielders, driving them to murderous rages while stripping them of the last shreds of their humanity.

It’s always talking to you, listening to your thoughts and echoing the darkness back at you. It nibbles around the edges of your awareness, testing at the limits… You can turn to look at it but it’s not there anymore, but you know it hasn’t left. Just retreated a little beyond where you can reach. Maybe if you stretch out you can find it again, find the whispers. Without them nearby you don’t know what it’s planning and thinking. You need to know that now. After all it could be planning anything. If you let it get past you. Just a little bit at a time. It won’t hurt you to listen since it might make a mistake, tell you it’s plan. Then you can stop it, drive it off. You’ll be able to you know. It’s just a temporary thing something that hasn’t affected you yet and when it does you’ll be sure of it and able to prevent it from continuing. But for now you have to listen, make sure it’s not planning something.. what’s that you say?


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