Grappling Gun

A gun that shoots a grappling hook that can be retracted.


This pistol is made to shoot a grappling hook up to 100 feet and aid the user in scaling walls or getting over ravines. Due to the weight of the grappling hook it is not an accurate weapon. It acts like the Harpoon gun (p265) but has an added clockwork component.

Attached to the gun is a clockwork reel that will retract the line with the ability to pull up to 200lbs, the line and gun can bear up to 500lbs. The reel can be set for different weights with a dial on the reel. The user can wear a climbing harness that the gun will attach to assist in ascending.

After each use (shooting the line and retracting it) the clockwork needs to be wound again which takes 4 rounds.

Ammo: grapple
Effective Range: 42 feet (8")
Extreme Range: 100 feet (60")
Skill: Pistol
Attack Modifier: -2
AOE: -


Grappling Gun

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