Mask of Abyddox


The Mask of Abyddox is a dangerous infernal object.

Lore (Infernal) Check:
16: Touching this mask is likely dangerous.
18: This mask will give your mind access to Urcaen. That’s a bad idea.

Lore (Any Religion) Check:
16: You know that priests of the Wurm used to use masks like this.
18: They claimed it allowed them to commune with the Wurm.

If a character touches the mask, he is compelled to put it on. To resist this compulsion a character must make a successful Willpower roll against a target number of 16. If the character succeeds he can either immediately drop the mask or hold onto it. For every minute that he holds the mask he must make another Willpower roll as above, with a cumulative –1 to his Willpower. If the character fails this roll he dons the mask.

A character who places the Mask of Abyddox on his face immediately sees the following:

You are standing on the edge of a rocky abyss wearing nothing but the mask. Below you is… nothing. Above you is… nothing. Around you is… nothing. You feel dizzy. Your ears are filled with unnatural howls and screams. You’ve never heard anything like them, but you feel terrified. In the distance, a being seems to take shape. You notice it only because the blackness has become blacker. The screams recede and a low voice echoes with the command “Come.” You feel compelled to step off the edge of the abyss.

The player may try to remove the mask. He must make a Willpower roll against a target number of 18. If he succeeds he can immediately take off the mask, at which point he is holding it again and must roll to resist putting it back on as above.

If the player fails to take off the mask, he steps off the abyss. For every minute that he wears the mask he must succeed at a Willpower roll against a target number of 20 with a cumulative –1 to his Willpower.

The player is possessed by Abyddox. He turns on the party and attacks. If he is unconscious, the other players may remove the mask, but must make checks above once holding it.

The Mask of Abyddox has ARM 20 and 20 damage points. Damage rolls made against the Mask of roll an additional die and drop the highest result. The Mask cannot be targeted by magical attacks.

Any player who ever puts the mask on gains the language “Infernal” and is haunted by horrible nightmares. He or she gains a permanent -2 to any willpower rolls against infernal magic.


A mask of pure jade, its ornately carved features are fixed in a wide grin, with openings for a person’s nostrils and mouth. However, where one would expect eye holes, instead, two large onyx gems are set in the face.

Mask of Abyddox

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