Unique pistol

weapon (ranged)

Ammo: 2 (heavy round)
Effective range: 36 feet (6")
Extreme range: 180 feet (30")
Skill: Pistol
Attack Modifier: 0
POW: 14
AOE: -

On a critical hit, target is Slammed back 1"


A pistol hand-crafted for Baron Dexer Bray of Llael, for use in self-defense. Or so he claimed.

This incredibly powerful modified pistol has an additional second barrel under the first. The barrels swap automatically with each shot, so that there is no manual action needed.

The Showstopper suffers from reduced range, but the pure force of its two shots more than make up for it. If the first one misses, you’ve always got the second barrel.


The Phoenix of Llael Hylianpuffball