The Phoenix of Llael

A Visit from Torys

You and the rest of your mercenary crew are enjoying a small meal when a knock comes at the door. Gayle answers to find Lt. Torys and another man at the doorway. After inviting them in Torys introduces his companion, as Lt. Hegel. "

You may have heard the recent stories regarding an assassination of a high ranking officer in the Llaelese resistance. That officer was Captain Hobbes, who was my direct report, a friend and a mentor. With his sudden demise at the hands of those filthy Khadorans, it has fallen to me to take over his work in the resistance. I have recently been promoted to Commander and as my attentions will be directed elsewhere, Hegel here, will act as a liaison to you. The late Captain Hobbes was leading the investigations and field testing into the blue ore you found and now I will be continuing his research and field tests. There have been some interesting developments and we will likely have need of your services soon. Hegel will contact you and brief you when that time comes. Death stalks the streets of Rhydden, especially for those affiliated with the resistance. Keep your heads down and try to stay alive until Hegel returns for you, we have more than enough suicide missions you can lose your head to."

Without a further word, Commander Torys and Lt. Hegel leave.

Rhydden Gazette

Resistance Officer Assassinated – Khador Agent Suspected

A high ranking officer of the LLaelese Resistance was found murdered in his quarters. Likely suspicion is Khadoran assassin. Sources confirm that new resistance protocals established to prevent further assassination plots. City guard has been doubled in the meantime. Remain ever vigilant fellow citizens.

Skigg Infestation, Bounty Abounds

A recent influx of skiggs into the sewers of Rhydden has led to the town council offering up a 5 GC bounty on Skigg heads. Speculation is that the munitions buildup in the city has created an environment ripe for skigg infestation.

Mutilated Body Found

A body mutilated beyond recognition was found hidden in an alley shortly after dawn. Dead bodies are not an uncommon finding in Rhydden, or the Iron Kingdoms for that matter, but the rumored sightings of killer crocs, a serial madman and the dead walking the streets of Rhydden reported in the last few weeks only fuel the fire that something is afoot in our fair city.

Urgent Resistance Notice

Due to recent security breaches in Rhydden, the Llaelese Resistance has introduced new protocals for it’s agents and mercenary support. Resistance headquarters will be rotated throughout the city with locations on a need to know basis. Mercenaries and agents will be contacted by their resistance operatives when needed for assignment. Do not under any circumstance make contact with your resistance contacts as this potentially puts our field operatives at risk.

They Survived

The team returned and reported that additional work needed to be done on the grenades, but overall they worked really well. They found the lost temple, but there wasn’t much left, but the Resistance may want to send others back to see if they can find anything else useful. The old weapons were turned over to Lt. Troys and he bought the sword from the group, almost without too much fuss. Was that a mistake to give it away so quickly?

The team also saved a troll warlock and this might be very useful in the future. If they ever go that way again, they may want to seek them out.

Oh, they also had to dispatch one of the Iosan adventurers in order to save Gayle, so they say. Wonder how this might impact future relations with other customers when you kill people you are suppose to be escorting.

The Guinea Pigs

Once again, Lt. Torys has called you to his office for an urgent assignment. As you assemble, you notice a crate in the middle of the floor marked DANGER – Explosives. You see Lt. Torys pouring over a map and comparing it to something in his hand. On his desk, sits a lump of the Llaelestone and next to that is a folded open letter and you can see the signature Kelsey Bray.

Lt. Torys is asking you to follow up on a discovery made by the historians in some ancient lore. The historians believe that this mine could be a splinter off a larger vein. This temple was built in honor of the Colossals, but what they believe was the early inventors needed something more powerful and longer lasting than coal to drive these machines. The scholars can only assume it was the blue ore. Thrash has gone ahead to help locate the temple, so hopefully he has left his subtle clues for you to follow. But before the team heads out, they must do some a small favor for the Resistance. They must provide escort to help a band of four Iosans get to Riversmet.

It is up to you to discover a new source of the blue ore, but you must first provide passage to Riversmet, are you up for it?

A Job Well Done

A band of mercenaries get their first job, and set out to earn their first paycheck. A noble in Rynyr has lost his daughter, and he needs all the help he can get.

The band made their way to Rynyr, after a diversion in a mountain pass where each member got to flex their muscles a bit. In town, they met Baron Dexer Bray, whose daughter Kelsey had disappeared a week earlier. He thought she’d been taken by Khador, but truthfully she had run away to stop a Khadoran plot.

The group traced her path to the Glowing Tinder Tavern, but the wily barkeep laid a trap for them. The team struggled to get free, and were able to convince their captors that they were allies. Kelsey appeared and told them of a strange mining operation that was taking place north of town. The heroes debated over the course of action, but agreed to help Kelsey in exchange for her peaceful return to her home.

However, Khador had heard of the adventurers and was preparing a trap of their own. Somehow, the group was able to convince the guards that the situation was under control, and there were higher orders involved here than simply killing the team. The guards marched away and the team escaped with Kelsey to the mines.

There was a great battle at the Oak Hill Mine, and though they took their fair share of beatings, in the end the mercenaries prevailed without any casualties. Inside the mine, they found a strange blue ore that flaked into a strange powder. The powder burned smokeless and hot, much like gunpowder but much stronger. The group took a sample with them, and returned Kelsey to her home, where they received both their pay but also two rare weapons as thanks for their help.

They returned safely to Rhydden and reported back to Commander Torys, who was surprised by their news, and also impressed with their work. He mentioned he may have a job for them coming up soon…


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