Combat Role Summary

Combat Roles (A Treatise on the Art of Warfare in the Iron Kingdoms as scribed by Lokeshyre, Master Logician of Ios):

(as of 4/24)

Explanation of Roles

Defender/Tank – Frontline melee combatants that tie up or lock down enemy combatants from reaching back line combat roles. Not focused so much on damage output as ability to soak up damage from enemies and forcing enemies to direct their attention towards them. Low DEF, High ARM, High vitality and Tough, Defender and Shield Guard special abilities are typical features of this role as is specialization in or use of Reach weapons to increase threat range. High DEF generally works against this role as it is a deterrent for enemies to strike at the tank as are abilities that penalize attackers for missing (Riposte, Return Fire). Benchmark Stats for Primary Role – DEF 10, ARM 14 (or ARM 13 plus appropriate ability).

Melee Striker – Melee combatants who excel in dealing high damage output. Typically but necessarily a glass cannon type role. High MAT and PS attacks are the trademark feature, along with abilities/archetype benefits that boost attack and/or damage rolls or provide additional attacks. High DEF is a common feature here since it is needed to survive on the front lines long enough to deliver a devastating strike as well as to deter attackers from focusing on the Striker. Benchmark stats for Primary role is a MAT 6 attack at PS 10 with either boosted damage or two attacks per turn.

Ranged Striker – Similar to melee striker, except features here focus on a High RAT, High Pow attack. Benchmark stats for Primary role are a RAT 6 attack at POW 10 with either boosted damage or two attacks per turn.

Zone Controller – Characters in this role are able to create zones that affect enemy movement and positioning or have abilities that allow them to move/push enemies around the battle field. Typical features include abilities that allow for slams, spells with AOE or cloud effects and alchemical effects. Benchmark stats for Primary role are at least two spells or abilities with either ARC 4 or RAT 5 and a movement or non-attack AOE effect.

Artillery Controller – Like the zone controller except generally uses AOEs that deal damage to multiple minions/enemies simultaneously. Crowd control through damage output is the primary feature in this role. Typical features are spells with AOEs, alchemical effects or AOE ranged attacks. Benchmark stats are at least two spells, abilities or attacks with ARC 4 or RAT 5
and a POW 10 AOE 3.

Leader/Support – This role includes characters who function to buff/debuff allies/enemies. Examples include, attack and damage roll bonuses granted by intellectual archetype, Ignite, Guided Blade and Lighting Tendrils spell effects, and Dispel and Battle Plan abilities and Ashes of Ucraen and Rust Bomb alchemical effects. Primary role benchmark is having three or more such buffs/debuffs available with ARC 4 or RAT 5 delivery.

Healer – This role includes characters with abilities that allow them to heal or stablize injured allies. The primary features for this are the Medicine skill and alchemical and spell effects that heal. Primary role benchmark is a Medicine skill of 6 and access to 1 healing ability or spell.

P – Primary Role
S – Secondary Role
T – Tertiary Role


Gayle Pascal Sebastian Pepe Wulfe Thrash Lok
Defender/Tank - T - P - P -
Melee Striker - P - S T P T
Ranged Striker S S P - P - T
Zone Controller P - - - S - -
Artillery Controller S - - - - - P
Leader/Support S - - - P - P
Healer T - - - - T S

Combat Role Summary

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