Creena Petrozzi


Baronessa Creena Petrozzi is the lady-in-exile of Windybrook, and regent for her son, Ulfass.

Creena is the widow of Vyctor Petrozzi, and aunt of Alanna Dyvacci. After the death of her husband, she fled to be with her sister, Evelyn Barton, in the Cygnar city of Corvis. The sisters are of the Haightley family, and also have two brothers, Garret and Brue Haightley. Garret is eldest and is the family patriarch, after the passing of their father, Perth Haightley. It was Perth who had arranged the marriage of Creena with the Petrozzis.

Creena is fond of her niece, and wishes to see the Petrozzi family legacy live on. But her primary concern is her son’s birthright, and restoring his claim to Windybrook.

Creena Petrozzi

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