Grindar Firetongue

Mad Trollkin

Grindar Firetongue is the sole remaining member of his kriel. He has gathered about him other lost, orphaned or otherwise abandoned Trollkins, and unleashed a reign of terror on lands between the Khadoran and Llaelese territories. His reputation for wanton slaughter earned him the name “The Mad Trollkin of Tadash.”

The Llaelese Resistance saw an opportunity with Grindar to either turn him into an ally against Khador, or show the people they could protect them from a threat the Khadorans had not been able – or willing – to deal with. They dispatched Gayle Vandyse to determine whether Grindar could be made a friend – or if he truly was mad.

Gayle determined that the true cause of Grindar’s outrage was the need for vengeance for his kriel. He would torture and kill any in his path until he could learn who to exact revenge upon. She needed to find out who destroyed his kriel.

Through her brother, Jonas, Gayle was introduced to Lokeshyre, Master Logician. With Gayle’s network of informants and Lok’s incredible deductive skills, they soon tracked the attack on the Tadash Kriel back to a young Khadoran warcaster named Michal Zavor. They delivered this information – and Zavor’s location – to a furious Grindar. Grindar has pledged to not only avenge his kriel by killing and maiming Zavor, but has turned his fury upon all Khadorans – vowing to eliminate Zavor’s kriel and all others like his.

Grindar Firetongue

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