Llaelese Resistance Cell

The Llaelese Resistance is in a state of transition but remains fiercely dedicated to its cause, perhaps all the more so as the dream of restoring Llael becomes even more unlikely. The characters are members and/or allies of the Llaelese Resistance. They could be saboteurs disrupting the Khadoran supply lines or envoys searching for help from foreign powers.

Requirements: Any character can belong to the company. The company must have at least one character who is a native of Llael. The players must designate one of the Llael natives to be the leader.

Benefits: The characters can count on material assistance from Llaelese living in exile. In particular, support may come from the Highborn Covenent, a group of former nobles of Llael who feel betrayed by the former prime minister, and who mostly now live in exile in Cygnar or Ord. In addition, Llaelese refugees may be found in significant numbers near Corvis in Cygnar and in certain Ordic cities like Five Fingers, Berck, and Tarna.

Depending on the circumstances, the characters in the company may receive specialized equipment, access to safe houses or underground dens, forged documents, uniforms, and so forth. Additionally, they may have access to intelligence resources of the Resistance before a given mission.

Additionally, each character created as a member of the company begins with either the Language ability or one additional occupational skill level in one of the following skills: Bribery, Climbing, Cryptography, Deception, Detection, Disguise, Escape Artist, Etiquette, Forensic Science, Forgery, Gambling, Interrogation, Intimidation, Jumping, Lock Picking, Negotiation, Pickpocket, Research, Riding, Rope Use, Seduction, Sneak, or Streetwise.

Detriments: Khador offers a sizeable bounty for any member or supporter of the Llaelese Resistance. Generally, the bounties are 100 gc per Hero; 1,000 gc per Veteran; and 10,000 gc per Epic. The GM may adjust these bounties for acts that stand out to the Khadoran authorities. Khador prefers Resistance members be taken alive – so they can be tortured for information, and then killed.

Llaelese Resistance Cell

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