Chapter 3: The Players Converge

A mysterious blue ore… ancient weapon caches… and the infiltration of Rhydden. The brave Resistance members have stumbled into events that they have no choice but to follow to their completion, though they can’t possibly imagine what they’ll find at the heart of the puzzle.

Forgotten Powers Restored

The blue ore known as Llaelstone continues to impress and confound all who manage to come across it. A potent explosive, recent events have revealed that the ore may also have strange alchemical effects. Perhaps even more troubling is the mystery of why there are no records of it; ancient ’jacks have been found that were capable of being driven by the blue powder, yet modern alchemists and gunsmiths are struggling to even produce a stable version of the explosive, or a gun that can handle its properties. The Resistance can only hope to find the answers before Khador does.

The Resistance Falters

Infiltration by Khador agents is troubling enough, but an unexpected side effect has led to the death of key leaders of the Knights of the Black Hills and a minor evacuation of their home base. A covert sabotage mission by Khadoran agents (mixed with the power of Llaelstone) has introduced a new dangerous species below Rhydden, who seems to understand the stone better than both nations, and attacks both indiscriminately. Having lost its primary commander and several lieutenants, the Resistance has reestablished its bases, reorganized its leadership, and is doing its best to cover its tracks to avoid future attacks.

Vengeance Beckons

Caught flat-footed, the Resistance turns its sights directly on Khador. It’s not clear how many months of a head start the Khadoran alchemists have had to research the Llaelstone, but it’s clear that any information about the ore is a powerful advantage. The Knights seek to gather information and allies who can help them, and prepare to do whatever it takes to regain the upper hand in their struggle against their Khadoran oppressors.

The Phoenix of Llael

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