The Phoenix of Llael

Rhydden Gazette

Rhydden may Feel the Full Effects of the War

Rhydden may Feel the Full Effects of the War

Due to the Khadoran liberation of Lllael trade with Cygnar has been suspended. Other cities in our fair country have started to go on rations due to the slow flow of goods from neighboring countries. Riversmet is still rebuilding after being liberated by the Khadoran army and Leryn is has started to ration its food.

The Khadoran High Command says this is only temporary and is do to Cygnar attacking the supply lines meant to feed the people of Llael. Trolls have been sighted raiding farms and stripping the land of the harvest. Thankfully, for us in Rhydden, we have been sparred these atrocities but our food supplies are being called to serve the Empress.

Smuggling Ring Shutdown

The Khadorn High Command has shut down a smuggling ring attempting to bring military supplies into Llael from Northern Cygnar. These arms were intended to go to the futile resistance that was trying to be formed in Laedry.

Such acts of treason against the Empress will not be tolerated and will be dealt with severely. If you hear of such treasonous acts report them immediately to your local Khadoran regiment for further investigation.

Riversmet Continues to Rebuild

Even with opposition from the locals and Cygnar insurgents Riversmet is continuing to rebuild after meeting the Empresses wrath. The walls are erected once again and commerce is starting to flow. The recent reopening of the docks has grown the population as people relocate from the north.

Our new Empress is a shining example of what a leader should be in these times of war. Her hand of mercy has extended to us and we should be grateful. Riversmet will be a shining example of her benevolence.



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