The Phoenix of Llael

The Arms Must Flow part 2

After discovering the Kayazy are following them the group met with Commander Hegel. They discovered he had taken over the offices of Davos. Commander Hegel sends them to Riversmet to escort a merchant barge, The Steaming Boar, to the Cygnar border. As they leave his office his secretary gives them a mysterious package with a curious device inside. On the way to Riversmet they discover that the escort is a cover for their true mission. The resistance is running low on material supplies for their weapons due to a blockage in the
smuggling supply chain, there is also a mole in the resistance.

In Riversmet the party runs into trouble with some local thugs only to find out it was again the Kayazy hot on their trail. They board the steam boat and head downriver with Captain Stubbing (a trollkin), First mate Gillian, Marco Ollop the navagator and Artur Bishop a dwarf mechanik. On the boat the captain gives them some more information about the smuggling operation and where it seems the problem is. Stubbing agrees to drop the party off north of FishHaven for them to investigate further. He tells them to Find Brogan Oreblood a dwarven smuggler. The party is attacked once more by a group of gatormen and Wulfe barely survives.

In Fishhaven they go to the Drunken Duck and try to find Brogan Oreblood, only to be drugged knocked unconscious and dragged to their certain doom. Turns out a colleague of Davos’, named Eagan, had taken over the operation. Escape is their only hope. They wake in cells to find their gear stripped the real Brogan locked away. Freeing him and fighting their way through the smugglers caves they confront and take out Egan and his cohorts so Brogan can reopen the smuggling lanes. Stubbing gave the adventurers a ride back to a point where he could drop them off and make their way to Ryhden in safety in the resistance controlled Lalle.

some rumors heard:
Khador is moving troops down river and passage will be blocked for week or more. (turns out to be true closing Riversmet port to trade)

Blue stone has been found in the mountains north of Rynyr. (we know this to be true)

There’s been an odd mist over the Sea of Graves.

There are strange rats in the sewers of Rhydden. (We’ve met them)

Trolls are wandering the woods south of Riversmet. (We met some)

Khador is buiding a ‘jack factory in Laelle.

Things the group found out:
The Kayazy have a price on our heads and are distributing wanted posters.

There is a mole in the resitance.

We have friends in Riversmet at the Dancing Pig and on the border of Laelle and Cygnar in a small fishing village of Fish Haven.



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