The Phoenix of Llael

Wulfe: Prayers

A Moment of Silence

Wulfe is quietly sitting minding his own business, praying, communing and thinking deep thoughts. Despite lots of open spaces, a man kneels down next to him. Wulfe opens his eyes, but the man has sunk into a deep and thoughtful prayer pose. So Wulfe returns to his own thoughts, although a little uncomfortable that the man has chosen to kneel right beside him.

Wulfe finishes his prayers, and merely lowers his head, thinking of wrapping up when the man mutters, "It feels good, doesn’t it, Brother?

Wulfe is suspicious, and eyes the man carefully. He’s definitely not a religious sort. He’s here for some other reason. But he’s not wearing any visible weapons. He’s Llaelese for sure. Or at least excellent at disguising himself. Wulfe says, “Sometimes I just need to get alone and just be with my own thoughts. Are you here to pray to some particular god?”

Wulfe is pretty sure the man is here to talk with him, but the man replies “Yes,” still keeping his eyes closed. “I’m here to pray to Menoth. For guidance in dealing with some things I don’t understand. Some…. creatures… that are not of his making.” He casts a glance at Wulfe. “You know what I mean, eh?” The man turns back to his meditation.

“Why do you assume I know what you’d mean,” as Wulfe starts to feel a little uneasy.

“Don’t be coy. The rat things,” the man says, making symbolic movements with his hands as if in deep prayer. “It could be greatly in your benefit if you would talk to me about them. I could… well, what could I offer a man like you?”

“Again, why do you think I’d know about rat things,” Wulfe starts to scope out the area in order to get a good feel of his surroundings in case any action was needed to be taken. He had learned this well when being trained by the Order.

After a pause the man says, “Maybe there are some men you’d rather not know about you? It would be a shame for them to find out where you are…” He looks up from his prayer and casts a sad smile at you.

Wulfe is now fully on guard. He leans into the stranger, firmly grasps his upper arm, "Listen ‘brother’, if there is something you want to tell me, then do it quick. Since you seem to know so much about me, then you know I do not respond well to threats. There’s a reason those that might be interested in me have never found me.”

“Now, now. Let’s not cause a commotion. There are so many people about.” The man looks back to his prayer, ignoring your grasp. “Just tell me what a you found down there and I won’t have ever been here.”

“Pray tell, since you know so much about, who are you that I would share any information with you?”

“A concerned citizen. With friends who want to know. Don’t you think it is selfish for a group of busy bodies to keep such secrets? If half the rumors I’ve heard are true, all of Immoren could be in danger. I just need to hear from a man who has seen the danger we face. To…. dispel the rumors… So responsible people can act.”

“Well then you know as much as I do. There’s a skigg infestation under the city. Hopefully your ‘responsible people’ can clear out a few rats,” replies Wulfe.

“Well, maybe that’s right.” The man makes his final signs. "Don’t worry, you have nothing to fear from me, priest.” He moves to leave.

“Wait…” Wulfe calls after him. “…It seems maybe there’s more to the skiggs? I know of parties going down there to clean out the sewers. What should they be expecting to find and how do you know so much about?”

He ignores you and continues walking.

Wulfe calls out: “Good luck with a skaggs!”

The man stops.

“Hmmm…got your attention? But this is going to be a two way conversation. And it starts with you,” says Wulfe.

“Not here.” The man thinks for a minute. “I’ll be in touch.” he turns and moves quickly to the doors.

The Message

Wulfe is on the way to his daily prayers, when a boy bumps into him. “’Scuse me” he says, as he darts off into the crowd. Wulfe feels a piece of parchment has been shoved into his hand.

The parchment is tightly folded and sealed with wax. Upon opening the parchment, Wulfe finds a message scrawled in an odd looking green ink. It says:

Brother – come to the Red Bearded Dwarf. 1 hour after sunrise. 2nd of the month.
Yours in service, Davos

Wulfe knows this is in 3 days time. As he watches, the inks begins to bubble and the parchment dissolves in his hands.

Wulfe thinks, “I’ll be there.”



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