Fytch Davos


Davos stats


Ammo Bandolier
Surgical Kit

Worn Armor

Custom Battle Gear (O SPD, -1 DEF, ARM 6)


Intelligence Networks – SEE GM ONLY

Spoken Languages



Fytch Davos was known in Rhydden as the proprietor of the Red Bearded Dwarf. Word on the street was Mr. Davos was the agent of a red-bearded dwarf in Rhul, ensuring their trade routes stay open in the war. Or Mr. Davos was a Khadoran spy. Or Mr. Davos was a high-ranking agent of the Llaelese resistance. Or Mr. Davos was a wealthy playboy having an affair with his assistant, Morna Morosini, and his office was an elaborate cover. Or Mr. Davos ran a fencing operation to fund the Resistance. Or Mr. Davos was an agent for an armory in Cygnar selling weapons on the black market. Or Mr. Davos bought corpses for a slaughter house in Merywyn to fill the bellies of Khadoran militia.

The leadership of the Knights of the Black Hills actually were aware that Davos arranged some fairly significant weapons shipments, along with food and medical supplies. As Lt. Hegel explained to the party: “As you know, we’ve not really been in a position to look gift horses in the mouth, but there was a lot about Davos we didn’t know. The kind of shipments he was able to arrange were almost too good to be true. And yet, there’s was nothing obviously wrong with him, either. Oh sure, he had some shady connections and we learned he had a few people in his pocket, but a good smuggler usually does.”

An agent of the Knights of the Black Hills, Tymeck Fiscani, was assigned to meet Davos’ weapon shipments. But Tymeck was also told to be on the lookout for anything that might tell the Knights more about the Resistance’s mysterious benefactor. Two weeks prior to the events of Shadow Games, Tymeck was to meet a shipment outside the town of Floryn, about three-quarters of a day’s ride east of here. Tymeck sent a boy with a coded message to tell the Knights he had a lead on who Davos’ supplier was. But that was the last the Knights heard from Tymeck. And Davos claimed he had never seen Tymeck, and had to unload the shipment with other customers, as he couldn’t just have a large wagon train of weapons hanging around in case the Khadorans came by.

Davos was captured by the party in the Shadow Games episode of the campaign after he deceived them all into meeting him at the Red Bearded Dwarf, while he and his men ransacked Lok’s alchemy lab and their former lodging. They tracked him down on the road to Floryn and quickly took him into custody.

During later interrogation by the Knights of the Black Hills Davos admits that he was, in fact, being employed by Dardan Hornbeck. Hornbeck was instrumental in getting weapons and supplies he was delivering to the Resistance. Hornbeck also had Davos arrange trade deals with the Rhul and deliver weapons to the trollkin kriels in Cygnar and Khador. But Davos also knows that Hornbeck was collecting intelligence on Resistance and Cygnar movements, because he asked Davos to occasionally deliver packets of information to contacts in the Khadoran military.

Davos adds: "I am certain that Hornbeck is not his real name. I am also certain that he could give a skigg’s ass about the Cryx, except to the extent that it furthers his own research. Whatever he is up to, it’s not for our benefit. I took the job primarily because I was bored. Unraveling the mystery of ‘Who is Dardan Hornbeck?’ has been the most stimulating mental exercise I’ve had in several years. Alas, it seems I will not have the chance to finish unraveling that mystery…”

Fytch Davos

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